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I'm not necessarily going to use this as a request thing.
I just get a ton of ideas sometimes, but I'm no writer.
I'd rather throw them to real writers~

the one as of late...

A homunculus, in most things, is an artificial human. what if, say... one person were to meet another person who turns out to be one?
Or one's friend has been one all along, and only recently do they find out this? Or even a lover--?
Or maybe THEY are the one who created it, for whatever reasons. a 'sex doll'? a housemaid? Artificial lover, as per one of those disney movies?

or something~!

(also I really don't know what to do with the tags, considering it's not specific genre or band... )
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Ok I would like to request a Kisaki and Riku oneshot/Yaoi fiction. Both are Ex-Phantasmagoria members and I don't find alot of these very often. And the fact that me and only a couple others are writting them doesnt really help either.

Set: I would like to see one maybe after the break up of Phantasmagoria but before Riku creates Chariots, sometime in the winter I guess.

Setting: Riku just hanging around Undercode, bothing Kisaki like the usual, and then something very strange happens, Kisaki just takes out his frustraition on Riku (X3) <---Lame I know...Don't really care.

I don't care if they are a little out of character, sometimes Kisaki has to be for things to work XP.
If someone could do this that would be wonderful, cause I havent seen one of these in to long. And if I need to bribe you I can draw you some fanart of whatever you want. ^^ I am a pretty good drawer and if you want to seem some examples of my work feel free to email me at (Please dont abuse my email tho ^^;)

Alice Nine, Nao~

I would like to request alice nine. fanfiction with Nao as the main character. I read a lot of a9 fics and I feel he's the most neglected member, since 95% of the stories pair the other 4 guys and always leave him out.
So please, more Nao love, anyone?

Oh, and the only thing I'd like to specify: Don't make him the sweet chipper nerdy freak. I know he is like that in reality, but a twist is ALWAYS welcome. Something new. It could be something like double-personality, two-facedness, angst, madness, anything that he does not inspire. Uber Seme Nao kicks ass, just so you know.

Yea, that would be hella refreshing.

(I'm already working on something of the sort but it will take a bit until it's finished and it would also be nice to have something from other writers...)
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I want stories about Die pursuing a relationship with someone from a foreign band (be it Piggy D, someone from FTM, Deftones, or whatever the hell else) and Kaoru finding out and getting pissy about it. Kaoru can either be pissy because he's secretly jealous and wants Die or he can be pissy just because he's an asshole. 8D I don't mind.

Req: Dir en grey

Requesting fanfiction regarding Die or Kaoru doing Coke respectively!


Don't try to show the good sides ONLY. Coke is fucked up. And I want to read about it just like it'd really happen. EITHER that, OR a crackfic. (lolcrack, get it GET IT?)

Preferrably not any longer than max 5 chapters please. One-shots are fine too. Drabbles even, but just... just Something.

Edit: If you decide to pair any of the guys up with anyone, please don't do it with Shinya. And don't make Toshiya gahurk. -_-;


So, this is the first post :D First of all, welcome to hiveminding! No need for big introductions or anything. This is not a community to get social and find friends, but solely a place to find inspirational ideas, and write down what's in your mind.

Alright, let's see!

How do I post?

What's the content of your post? Requesting or being inspirational?
Any requirements about who it should involve?
Any other requirements like possible story-length? (e.g. drabble, one shot, "a lot" or "a few" chapters, ongoing/open end)

And now, anything you wanna write down! It's your space to be specific, as much as you want. Like for example, if you have an idea to give, write it down in any form you want, but write down everything that could be important for everyone else to know. If the details are up to the author, you don't have to be overly specific. ;)

Wait, what?

It can be like this, for example:
"Inspiration - Kyo x Die - drabble/one-shot

Set: Try to describe a situation at night - try to avoid any drama like "they broke up/had a fight" and please, no drug abuse, and no rape. No violence, and no fluff. No romance either! This should not be a relationship between those both. They don't have to be friends, but they should of course not hate eachother. If you get what i mean. ;) They're just bandmates, AU is nonpreferred but alright too, if you feel like it.

Setting: Die being somewhere outside, it's a warm winter's night, there's a cool soft breeze surrounding him. It's dark and quiet, he had been driving quite a bit outside of the city with his car, to relax his thoughts. Try to make Kyo appear in this story rather at the middle/end. As a random object, i'd like to read a cellphone mentioned somewhere. And a blue handkerchief."

Now it's your turn to make any more suggestions, or leave a reply if you feel inspirated for a prompt reply! This of course is just an example and right now, I'm tired I have no inspirational ideas, but future posts will be more creative. Don't worry ;D Also, the more people join and post ideas, the more creative it'll get!

If there's any questions, go ahead and ask me (jasssmin) or bewbz. We won't bite :3 Contact informations can be found in our community profile.

And now, let's go!