Saturn Sailor (saturnsailor) wrote in hiveminding,
Saturn Sailor

Alice Nine, Nao~

I would like to request alice nine. fanfiction with Nao as the main character. I read a lot of a9 fics and I feel he's the most neglected member, since 95% of the stories pair the other 4 guys and always leave him out.
So please, more Nao love, anyone?

Oh, and the only thing I'd like to specify: Don't make him the sweet chipper nerdy freak. I know he is like that in reality, but a twist is ALWAYS welcome. Something new. It could be something like double-personality, two-facedness, angst, madness, anything that he does not inspire. Uber Seme Nao kicks ass, just so you know.

Yea, that would be hella refreshing.

(I'm already working on something of the sort but it will take a bit until it's finished and it would also be nice to have something from other writers...)
Tags: band: alice nine., genre: angst
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